Corporate Uniforms & Workwear, Hi-Vis Clothing, Sports & Team Wear and Giftware

Really effective branding that is realistically inexpensive.

If your people aren’t wearing your brand or logo on a shirt, clothing, hat or jacket, then you are missing out on a powerful and really inexpensive marketing opportunity.

bizcorporates-formalWhen it comes to marketing and brand promotion, lots of entrepreneurs look only at media advertising, websites or social media. This usually just results in lots of coverage of questionable value at great expense.

These types of marketing initiatives are fine in their place but one size doesn’t fit all and the biggest and brightest isn’t always the best. In today’s multimedia environment we are barraged with ads on a daily basis. A smart entrepreneur will always be looking for a cost-effective alternative.

A simple truth – you and your team have to wear clothes, the alternative wouldn’t be a prudent choice. So why not inexpensively take advantage of this and make your corporate uniforms promote your branding?

Next time you visit a mall, take a look around at what everybody is wearing. Notice the number of polo shirts there are with brands like Nike, Adidas and other popular brands, not to mention the corporate workwear worn by staff from The Warehouse, Mitre 10 or a bank. They’re hard to miss. You’ve just been marketed to—many times over. You could almost say they were giving you the shirt off their backs. It’s peros-hurricaneeffective and once you’ve invested in corporate apparel, it is as they say, the gift that keeps giving.

This is evident in most public places, sports games, networking meetings, fundraisers and charity events, you name it. A decently branded item of clothing in a sea of mixed mufti will stand out, in the right place, they are virtually walking billboards. Even high up a ladder or on a motorbike, your brand on work uniforms should be visible.

JBsWear-Hivis-tradewearThere are other bonuses too. Branded apparel and headwear impart a sense of belonging for your people. This is of course very useful for teambuilding and establishing a corporate focus, a sense of tribe.

When people think of branded clothing, they might conjure up images of just corporate polos. But there is a huge range of possibilities ranging from shirts, shorts suits polar jackets, safety and protective apparel.

And of course, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity with your next corporate gift to add your branding? Did we mention the gift that keeps giving?